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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  November 10, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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the growing anger over nearly two weeks after superstorm sandy, some are seeing what's left of their homes for the first time. the goaling anger overthe -- growing anger over the slow recovery. the man hunt is over. how it ended late this afternoon. the challenge if you accomplish it, then -- it's that much sweeter. >> returning from war with battle scars that will never heal. the lessons some veterans are learning by embracing even more challenges. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. nearly two weeks after superstorm sandy slammed into the east coast, the death toll around new york continues to rise. more than 100 deaths are now linked to the storm. the latest victim was found yesterday morning in his flooded staten island home. today hundreds protested the slow pace of power restoration on long island. and that's where roughly 130,000 customers are in the dark. and nearly 85,000 new jersey residents are still without electricity.
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now some people across the northeast are just now getting their first look at what's left of their homes and devastated neighborhoods. cbs reporter erica ferrari shows us the damage and the outrage left in sandy's wake. >> reporter: possessions that once filled the homes on long beach island are now piled up outside on the street. >> took all the furniture out. all the furniture is gone. >> reporter: the coastal new jersey community took a direct hit from sandy. saturday almost two weeks after the storm many people got their first look at the damage. john boyle found a boat in his backyard. his 7-year-old vacation home filled with four feet of water. >> it's been through a few storms but this is absolutely the worst. >> reporter: in new york -- >> we putting 12 packs in a bag. >> reporter: volunteers and her daughter fanned out across the city to assist people still struggling. >> we want to help them and give them basic needs. >> reporter: here volunteers are working to distribute the essentials like blankets and
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water and diapers. all of these supplies have been donated. but some stay the help came too late. -- say the help came too late. >> this has only been maybe a week and a half you know of fresh water but for the first time five, six days no one was down in the rockaways. >> reporter: frustration especially high on long island where more than 130,000 customers are still going without power. [ people chanting ] hundreds of people protested outside long island power authority offices demanding answers. >> just absurd. it's like going on and on and on. end it. >> reporter: the power company says more than 8,000 crews are working to get the electricity back on. erica ferrari for cbs news, new york. well, it doesn't change the outcome of the election, but president obama is the winner in florida. four days after the election, almost 100% of the votes have been counted. the florida secretary of state's office says the
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president has about 74,000 votes more than mitt romney. and that's about 50% of the florida vote. to romney's 49.1%. so that means the president won eight of the nine swing states. romney only took one. north carolina. the final electoral vote tally? 332 for president obama, 206 for romney. well, now that the election is over, both the president and the republicans addressed the issue of the so-called fiscal cliff. spending cuts and tax increases that will be triggered if it's not resolved by the end of the year. >> we can't just cut our way to prosperity. if we're serious about reducing the deficit, we have to combine spending cuts with revenue. and that means asking the wealthiest americans to pay a little more in taxes. that's how we did it when bill clinton was president and that's only way we can afford to invest in education and job training and manufacturing all the ingredients of a strong middle class and strong economy. >> instead of raising tax rates
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on the american people and accepting the damage it will do to the economy let's start to actually solve the problem. the tax reform. lowers tax rates. instead of accepting arbitrary cuts, that will endanger our national defense, let's get serious about shoring up the entitlement programs that are the primary drivers of our country's massive growing debt. >> both the president and republicans are willing to compromise and hope to reach an agreement. well, new details tonight in the search for the suspect in the murder of his wife in san jose. he was found dead late this afternoon. the body of 50-year-old troy know sen sow was found in his -- know sen sew was found in his car. they had been searching for him since his wife patricia was found dead in their hole yesterday orange. on this holiday weekend one bay area hospital is offering hope for veterans. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec
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shows us the ground-breaking program helping am pew tree athletes overcome the -- amputee athletes overcome the challenges. >> reporter: veteran david lad was injured in iraq in 2006. >> can we just not go there? >> reporter: he doesn't want to talk about it but will talk about how he's felt since. >> i just didn't understand what it is i could do anymore. >> reporter: with a little more distance and time under his belt, this vietnam vet shares his story. >> sniper came in, it was nighttime. i laid on top of the charge and he laid down and blew me up. >> reporter: returning from war without his legs, was another battle. >> of course, back then it was what it was. it was kind of difficult to integrate in. i stayed a hermit for about five years and lived on the backside of a mountain. >> reporter: they are part of the brand new program. the first in the country for civilian amputee athletes. >> you can have a very expensive prosthesis but you
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don't have the modality to help a patient understand how to use it to its full potential it's completely useless. >> left behind right. left behind right. >> reporter: so experts here are training vets and civilians on making the best of their situation. woodville has sevenly stepped -- certainly stepped up. he participated in the escape from alcatraz triathlon last year. >> it's a challenge if you accomplish it, then you're -- it's that much sweeter you know. if it's easy that's no big deal. >> some people tell me don't worry, you're the same as you were, blah la blah, it's not the case. >> reporter: but lad is slowly learning how much he can do instead of concentrating on what he can't. >> you know it's just like an eye opener that happens. it's so imperceptible that these changes are being made. but they are. every day. >> reporter: in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. about every quake hits an area not used to them. the people in eight other states say they felt it.
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>> she's become a source of globulins ration, the worldwide -- global inspiration. the worldwide day of action in honor of the injured pakistani girl fighting to make sure girls get an education. >> from the cbs 5 weather center. gong everybody. get out the -- good evening everybody. get out the extra blankets. the areas that will drop to the freezing point. we'll pinpoint those locations as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kentucky. an earthquake. people are evaluating some r damg magnitude qu something unusual in kentucky. an earthquake. people are evaluating some minor damage after the 4.3 magnitude quake centered just west of whitesburg in eastern kentucky. some people found cracks and other minor damage in and around their homes and there were cracks found in a local church as well. shaking was felt in nine other states including indiana, north carolina, and georgia. scientists insist that while earthquakes in that area are rare, they're not unheard of. the injured pakistani schoolgirl who survived being shot in the head during a taliban attack is being honored today by activists around the world. malala yousufzai is recovering at a british hospital after being airlifted from pakistan weeks ago. cbs reporter monica villamizar
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is in birmingham, england with the girl's message. >> reporter: children remembered her with music and prayers across pakistan. the worldwide tributes come one month after a taliban fighter shot her for speaking out for the education of girls. the 15-year-old survived and is recovering at a british hospital with her family by her side. >> taliban -- >> reporter: this schoolgirl says -- what the taliban did to her and what they're doing now, we want them to stop. the united nations declared the international day of action. >> join us in our campaign to put education first. >> reporter: u. n. secretary ban key moon sent a video message to her classmates where the attack happened. fearful students honored her in private. militants have threatened to kill anyone else who stands up against them. doctors say it could be weeks and maybe months before malala yousufzai fully recovers but even from her hospital bed here in england, she has become a source of global inspiration.
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>> she's an iconic figure for all women and especially young people. >> reporter: more than 32 million girls worldwide are not getting an education. former prime minister gordon brown flew to islamabad and he delivered more than a million signatures supporting the universal right to education. ♪ pakistan's president said in honor of malala yousufzai his country could give extra cash to families who put their girls in school. monica villamizar, cbs news, birmingham, england. it's really great to see that companies in the silicon valley supporting us through that and being able to give us the tools that we need to succeed. >> on this veterans' day weekend, just what many returning servicemen and women desperately need. employment help right out of silicon valley. ,,
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facing vets returnin veterans' day is tomorrow, so tonight, we look at one of the biggest problems facing vets returning from war. how to use their military skills in the civilian world. cbs 5 reporter sharon chin shows us a program you can call basic training 2.0. >> reporter: for iraq war veteran david norman, this is basic training like no other. the san jose state business student could be an entrepreneur by sunday night. >> it's really great to see that companies in the silicon valley supporting us through that. and being able to give us the tools that we need to succeed. >> reporter: the three day event going on this weekend at san francisco's adobe offices is a hack-a-thon hosted by vets in tech. they train veterans returning from iraq and afghanistan for technology jobs. tonight dozens of veterans learned programming codes. >> we also want to teach
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design. marketing, how to write a business plan. how to do a presentation. there's so many things that you need in to be in the tech industry besides coding. >> reporter: during the hack-a- thon veterans and techies pitch ideas and team up to turn the concept into a company. in the tech industry in san francisco alone. >> there are thousands of jobs available. yet nobody was putting the two together. and we thought that was just such a shame. >> reporter: vets and tech says about a million service members will be leaving active duty in the next five years. and while the national unemployment rate is 7.9%, it's 10% for post 9/11 veterans. veterans say they have the right stuff. >> they make great leaders. and for start-ups i mean that's one of the biggest qualities. >> reporter: the top team in the hack-a-thon becomes the start-up with the chance to court venture capitalists. others get a chance to work with ceos or acquire office space. >> pretty exciting. >> reporter: sharon chin, cbs 5. well, this week here at cbs
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5, we were trying to raise money for the victims of hurricane sandy. and of course roberta was in the middle of it all and we had great preliminary numbers but you have some final numbers? >> i just heard today so far when you count in the numbers that texted in the donation as well. drum roll please? ♪ $177,000. >> wow. [ applause ] that's great. >> how about that? we thank you so much for your generous contributions. and you can still contribute to the american red cross by visiting us online, what a day across the bay area today. unseasonably cool conditions. even though the sun was bright. and it looks like tonight, because of the cool air mass settling in it is going to be a frigid night all the way down to the freezing point. the current weather conditions conditions in and around the microclimbs and there you have the 685 and 80 corridor where numbers are stacking up in the 50s. and san francisco, it's 53 degrees so if you have a night out on the town tonight, you might want to make sure you have that jacket. now meanwhile looking out from the transamerica building the golden gate bridge would be in
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the distance. you can tell the coast is clear. 54-degrees and northwest breeze at 10 adds to the chill. clear tonight and -- clear skies tonight and frigid conditions. tomorrow wall to wall sunshine and pristine conditions. a picture postcard perfect day albeit chilly. the extended forecast in the unsettled weather pattern and tonight freezing in santa rosa. so pen grove obviously below freezing. low 40s 234 mountain view. -- in mountain view. and san jose, including the valley. and 38 degrees apiece in throughout the trivalley and in concord, clayton and walnut creek. the area of low pressure is finally beginning to kick out of the area. so the colder air is settling in. tomorrow your daytime high temperatures will be very similar to today if not just a degree or two warmer. a string of 50s coming on the immediate seashore. the winds will be northeast 5
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to 10 miles an hour. upper 50s and low 60s across the santa clara valley. otherwise around the bend, around the bay, in the low 60s. further east and inland, up to 63-degrees in brentwood. tracy and oakley as well as discovery bay. so still unseasonably cool by good nine degrees. 61 degrees and napa where today's high only in the mid and high 50s. and 63-degrees will be the outside number in glen allen. and in santa rosa. 58 in san francisco averaging eight to nine degrees below normal. now here's your extended forecast. veterans' day tomorrow, otherwise we're looking at the holiday on monday to be partly to mostly cloudy and increasing cloud cover on tuesday leads to daily chances of rain showers. here's the veterans' day forecast, sunny but cool, 56 to 63-degrees. so no rain on any veterans' day parades. >> all righty. good to know that. thank you much. we are following some breaking news out of denver
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today. denver international airport where a southwest flight that took off from oakland reportedly slid off a portion of the landing slip. this is a picture of emergency crews working outside the plane. denver airport officials confirmed that a plane slid off a snowy taxiway after it landed and they emphasize though it didn't skid off the runway. there are no reports yet of any injuries. that's right, kim coyle is here and all about college football today. >> it is and we have enough stuff to sell you about. upset alert. a big pac 12 match-up for stanford against oregon state and number one ranked alabama's fate rested in the hands of an offside call that's next in sports. ,
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newest member, the conferene now needs the sec dominates the bcs standings every year but the conference now needs some help thanks to its newest member if they're going to send a team to the national title game. 15th ranked texas a&m led by 20 in tuscaloosa. the freshman johnny manziel to kennedy. number one in trouble. but alabama makes a comeback. aj mccarron down the sidelines to cooper. touchdown 'bama. they pull within five. less than two minutes to go alabama knocking on the doorstep. but mccarron's fourth down pass is intercepted by everett. a huge mistake by mccarron and the aggies take over. the alabama defense forces a
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three and out and we get the ball back. but tyler hayes jumps offside. the penalty gives texas a&m a first down and the ball game. nick saban and alabama fall 29- 24. stanford still controls its own destiny to get to the rose bowl. they need to beat oregon and ucla and win the title game. hogan for the cardinal. first quarter was all stanford. taylor bangs his way in from the 1 yard line. 7-0 cardinal. still first quarter, off the play fake, hogan rolls out and hits ryan hewitt. hewitt takes it in, stanford with an early 14-0 lead. but the beavers would score 23 unanswered points and we're rolling. cody vase to marcus wheatton for the touchdown. oregon state by nine. final play of the third quarter, hogan, under pressure. flips one to taylor and taylor does the rest.
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check out the stiff arm. stanford cuts the lead to two. the cardinal turn the ball over four times on the day. but it was the beavers' give away that proved to be costly. loses the football and josh morrow falls on it. the cardinal take over and from there it's hogan again. a perfect pass to zach earth. hogan's third touchdown pass on the afternoon. stanford hangs on to win 27-23 keeping its rose bowl hopes alive. taylor becomes the first player in stanford history to rush for over 1,000 yards in three straight seasons. back to pass with the blitz on. sends it off right side complete. nice spin move and he's in. that's a touchdown. for the spartans. >> jeff matthews from aggie vision on the call. not much to be excited about for new mexico state fans. san jose state dominating the
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aggies. 24-0 spartans. still, in the first half. spartans up 30-0 at this point. andrew man lee, loses the football. and then it's scooped up by benwickerry for the 37-yard fumble return for a touchdown. 37-0. another huge day for the quarterback fails. four more touchdowns this one to tight end ryan otton. final score 47-7. san jose state now 8-2 on the year. usc and arizona state up 21- 17. matt barkley on the screen pass to curtis mcneil and mcneil gets through the a suh defense and into -- asu defense and into the end zone. trojans now up 11. mcneil on the ground. he takes the pitch and that's his legs do the rest. 27-yard touchdown run. 163 yards on the day for mchale. usc over asu 38-17. number six ranked florida looking to avoid the upset tied
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with 13 seconds to go. the gators block the punk. jenkins returns its for a touchdown after getting to it and florida just escapes by louisiana lafayette 27-20. one word to sum up the oakland raiders this season. inconsistent. quarterback carson palmer hasn't been exactly that this season. palmer four touchdowns against the bucs but also three interceptions including this dagger late in the game. tomorrow against the ravens he won't have to deal with ray lewis who's injured from out for the year but he will however get reacquainted with the former division rival in terrell suggs. >> played against him for 15 years now. phenomenal football player. phenomenal against the pass and run. there aren't that many guys that are great at both like he is. i don't know if there's any other like he is at playing both. as far as playing baltimore it's always uphill battle. they've had some injuries, but and you have to play great.
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you can't play okay and go in there and win. >> you can see that game right here on cbs 5 at 10:00. it will be followed of course by the fifth quarter with dennis and jeremy. >> all righty. thank you much. here's what we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:30. >> during those 70 years when i sat on my shelf i'd look at it every once in a while and think why isn't this being played? >> oh well. a lot of people wondered that. he served his country in the second world war and during some down time he wrote a symphony. how his work was finally brought to life 70 years later, that's coming up after cbs "evening news." that's it for eyewitness news at 5:30. until then the news updates are on good night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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